Upgrading Virtalis Reach from Version 2022.1.0 to 2022.2.0


This document is designed to help a systems administrator upgrade Virtalis Reach to the next available version.

Notable Changes

  • Required Kubernetes version 1.21.3 → 1.22.7
  • ·Required Kubectl version 1.21.3 → 1.22.7
  • ·ingress-nginx helm chart repository has been switched from https://kubernetes.github.io/ingress-nginx to https://charts.bitnami.com/bitnami
  • ·Required cert-manager version 1.0.2 → 1.7.1
  • ·Replaced Cilium with Calico for the self managed node network plugin


Before continuing to the next section, please refer to Virtalis Reach Automated Backup System and do a full backup of the system.

Upgrading Kubernetes from Version 1.21.x to 1.22.7

Upgrading Cloud Managed Kubernetes

Refer to the guide set out by your cloud provider

Upgrading Self-managed Single Node Kubernetes Cluster

Optionally create an etcd backup

Download etcdctl:

Create a snapshot:

Drain master node:

Update kubeadm:

Verify the version:

Expected output:

Check if you can upgrade to 1.22.7

Run the upgrade:

Update kubelet and kubectl:

Uncordon the master node:

Check node version and status:

Expected output:

Switch ingress-nginx Repository

Uninstall current chart:

Install new chart:

helm repo update:

The <inline-code>--set service.externalIPs<inline-code> flag sets the listen address of the ingress to the IP of the eth0 interface. Change it if necessary.

Update cert-manager

Create a new cert issuer:

Paste in the following and replace variables wherever appropriate:

Press Ctrl+o and then enter to save and then press Ctrl+x to exit nano, now apply the file:

Set Up Variables

Export the following variables:

Download Installation Files

Log in with Oras:

Make a backup of the old installation files:

Make a directory to store installation files:

Pull the Kubernetes deployment file archive from the Virtalis registry and unzip it:

Make the installation scripts executable:


Load Previous Configuration

Create Secrets

Deploy Virtalis Reach


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