Professional immersive 3D visualisation system designed to be both scalable and future-proof

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Let us bring 30 years of experience to your visualisation ambition


Effectively use your space to immerse and engage customers, colleagues and interested parties with your vision

Fully immersive

Our experience with designing and installing VR systems enables a latency-free environment. This provides a robust and believable real-time experience and removes the motion sickness often experienced by some other solutions.

Pixel perfect

Our high brightness, high frame rate, and active stereoscopic 3D projectors in single or multiple, blended channels give the right resolution for your application. Systems can be rear or front projected, curved, or use the latest LED tile wall technology.

Scalable and collaborative

The system’s size, shape and resolution are fully flexible and scalable. Additionally, an ActiveWall can connect to other Virtalis systems, to bridge geographical distance, and allow remotely located users to collaborate together simultaneously in a single virtual scene.

Unlock VR superpowers for your organisation

Gennaro Monacelli
Head of Innovation, Simulation and Methods at CNH Industrial

“All new product concepts can be experienced years ahead of their actual market launch. The entire development team review the virtual models of the prototype, bringing customers into the mix, so we can better evaluate product performance.”

Prof. Dr Marius Swoboda Head of Physical, Computational and Design Sciences at Rolls-Royce

"Our engineers come up with more ideas than they would in 2D because they clearly see the obstacles they face and what needs to be done to overcome them."

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Software products

ActiveWall works seamlessly with all our software products