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Wrap your teams in a human-scale virtual space where they effortlessly and naturally interact with the scenario and with each other

Immersion without isolation

Thanks to the high-resolution 3D images that surround the user, the ActiveCube achieves a high level of immersion without the isolation of HMDs. Being able to see the real world helps to reduce the nausea often experienced with HMDs.

Real-time human interaction

Get stronger insight and appreciation of your data reinforced by natural, real-time tracking and human-scale interaction with virtual and real-world objects. See other users, read body language and use other devices as you would normally for a more comfortable working environment.

Expert & flexible design

ActiveCubes can be configured to 2 or more walls with images that surround the user. Virtalis has the expertise necessary to design and deliver such complex systems seamlessly, as attested by satisfied Fortune 500 customers.

Unlock VR superpowers for your organisation

Daniela Romano
Professor of Computing and the Director of Innovative Research & Enterprise at the Department of Computer Science at Edge Hill University

“As an experienced ActiveWall user, I tried out the ActiveCube at UCL and was bowled over by the level of immersion it delivers. ”

Professor Rab ScottHead of VR and Simulation at AMRC with Boeing

"Three people interacting in our ActiveCube linked with other VR centres worldwide to allow us to carry out international design, manufacturing and assembly reviews, as well as complex training exercises"

Software products

ActiveCube works seamlessly with all our software products.