Installing Virtalis Reach Translator Plugins


Virtalis Reach supports numerous translator plugins which enable the end-user to import more file formats. This section describes how to install translator plugins into a live Virtalis Reach system.


Export the following:

Extract the plugin on to a machine with access to the Kubernetes cluster Virtalis Reach is running on.

Example: Installing a OpenJT Reader plugin, the OpenJTReader folder will contain .dll files and libraries:

Get the full name of a running translator pod:

Copy the folder containing the plugins onto the persistent plugins folder on the translator pod, this might take a while depending on your connection and the size of the plugin folder

kubectl cp format when pushing a file is <source> <namespace>/<pod-name>:<pod-destination-path>

After the transfer is complete, restart the translator pod:

Check the logs to verify that the plugin has been loaded:

You should see a log message containing the name of the plugin:

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