This document is designed to assist Virtalis Reach users to get started and make use of the platform for the first time.

Virtalis Reach is a cloud-compatible eXtended Reality (XR) platform used to create, transform and publish securely to the web for any user context. Authorised users can utilise visualisations securely by simply opening a link to a controlled platform on the web. No specialist hardware is required and there is no need to pre-install any software executable or license key.

With Virtalis Reach you can: 

  • Create complex, audience specific visualisations
  • Create context-specific, reusable templates that can be applied automatically, allowing you to repurpose your digital assets
  • Invite colleagues, partners and customers to collaborative sessions by simply sharing a link
  • Integrate with PLM systems to automate the publication of updated visualisations
  • Use our API to automatically build complex scenes or integrate with your broader IT landscape
  • Put visualisation at the heart of effective operations, from global distribution to automated pipelines and templates for visualisation creation

Virtalis Reach Hub and Edge Servers Overview

Please note: This section provides a high-level overview only. For more detailed information, please refer to the relevant server-specific guides.

A Virtalis Reach Hub is where publishers and scene authors can upload assets, configure projects and publish visualisations to the Virtalis Reach Edge. Assets are translations of data that were uploaded to the Virtalis Reach Hub or ingested by automatic processes such as PLM integrations.

A Virtalis Reach Edge is where all users access visualisations to view them. 

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