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Aeed Sanjania
Aerospace Systems Engineer
Dr. James Palmer
William (Ty) Weaver
Sr. Director of Engineering and Austin Site Manager
Samir Mohallem
VR Specialist - Geotechnique et Hydrogeologie Long Terme
John Cardea
Senior Systems Engineer
Robert Forrest
Visualisation Team Lead
Hyun Choi
Systems Engineer
Roger Perrin
Computer Science Department Technician
Oladotun Omosebi
Associate Tutor, Researcher, Developer
Stuart Clarke
Supervisor – Carline Material Flow & Packaging
Andy Bowen
Operations Manager
Ben Gafner
Senior Mechanical Designer
Rachel Bass
VR Developer and Technologist
Marc Green
Product Development Portfolio Lead
Andrew Simpson
NEIoT Digital Design Project Lead
Brent Dingle
Senior Operations Engineer II
Enver Coskun
Head of System Development and Application Consulting 3D Systems
Salzgitter AG
Andrew Orr
Manufacturing Research and Development Engineer
Richard Gaughran
Digital Manufacturing Technology Specialist
James Lutz
Systems Engineer
The Toro Company
United States
Tom Feldmann
Engineering Specialist V
The Toro Company
United States
Collin Schaffer
Electrical Designer
Brad Kessler
Designer V
Carsten Bruun Andersen
Specialist & Lead Engineer
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What is the VLN?

An exclusive learning network of VR experts, focused on knowledge sharing to help each other advance

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Meet & Learn

Engage and connect with VLN members in virtual meetings. Learn from member use-cases, product updates & roadmaps.

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Discuss your Topics

Exclusive access to the Member Area. Discuss your topics with likeminded experts and Virtalis team.

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Exclusive insights

Access & exclusive downloads: meeting minutes, product details, use-case presentations, for VLN members.

VLN Meetings

Do you wonder how other companies are running VR projects? Or how specific business processes are supported by Virtalis products? The VLN meetings provides a forum where like-minded experts connect, exchange and learn from each others journeys. VLN meetings are open to all members and the members drive the agenda for these meetings.


VLN Working Groups

Members gather in Working Groups to zoom in on a specific topic, theme or product. Members can volunteer or request a new Working Group.
VLN members voted on the following Working Groups:
• Collaborative XR • PLM integration • XR - State of Technology • Driving Enterprise Adoption • Virtalis Reach • Visionary Render


VLN is built on the desire of Virtalis customers to improve product knowledge and learn from other experts about VR journeys, use-cases, challenges, and solutions.

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VLN aims to provide access to a wealth of information and experts. VLN members are the first to know and provide an important platform to discuss Virtalis product strategy and roadmap.

VLN's inaugural meeting was on December 8, 2021, since we hosted 2 VLN meetings and 2 Working Group meetings.

Principles & Governance

We believe in sharing and helping others; it will help us grow as a community. In todays complex and fast changing world, networks like the VLN are instrumental for success.

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VLN is an independent initiative to serve Virtalis customers' needs. Virtalis assigned a chairman who supports the VLN part-time to represent the members interests.

Working Groups

Focused gatherings on a specific topic

Join or suggest a Working Group. Share your topic or theme, involve other members and experts, and drive the discussions and outcomes.

Virtalis Reach

Characteristics, implementation approach, Product Vision, Use-Cases, Roadmap, VR/XR journeys, Best Practices.

Visionary Render

Best Practices, Product Vision, Use-Cases, Roadmap, VR/XR journeys

VLN Events


VLN Generic Meeting 3

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1.5 Hours
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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Virtalis Reach Working Group

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2 Hours
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Wednesday, April 6, 2022