Operations & maintenance

Virtual reality for operations and maintenance

Intuitive and effective knowledge sharing and communication for front line operations

A screenshot of immersive visualisation software showing a detailed model of a ship.

Achieve understanding of a complex scenario or your colleague's context within seconds


Training time reduction


Required knowledge gained


Production lead times


Increase in productivity

Benefits for operations & maintenance

Reduce waste across your supply chain with everyone up to date all the time

Training on demand

Virtual reality effectively replicates a dedicated training facility and - thanks to the ability to run collaborative sessions - subject matter experts can join sessions remotely on-demand.

Effective variant handling

Modern machinery is highly configurable and technicians are often confronted with complex documentation, leaving a huge scope for error. Pare down the information shown to that which is in front of the technician in that instance.

Latest information securely in the hands of your teams

Virtalis Reach ensures that you maintain control over what information is available. Users do not need to download files locally, so sensitive data is controlled and out of date information isn’t left in circulation.

Reduce re-work

Place visualisation on the shop floor to prevent misunderstandings becoming scrap. Virtalis solutions have been reducing wastage in day-to-day operations for manufacturing and assembly operations for decades.

Immersively brief your team for hazardous operations

Plan, brief and debrief complex or hazardous operations with teams in a collaborative, immersive environment.  Experienced technicians identify snags before they happen and newer colleagues understand clearly what is expected of them.

Establish a culture of continuous improvement

Field technicians can inform supervisors, design engineers and other interested parties of experiences by enhancing visualisations with annotations and images in their own personal sandbox.

Unlock XR superpowers for your organisation

Tim Williams-Wood
Chief of Manufacturing Systems at Rolls Royce

“It’s helped us with tooling, which you’d expect, but it has also helped us analyse headcounts and resource loads so, crucially, we can find where the biggest constraints are. In a virtual world, we can change things in seconds to find the best solution.”

Andrew Peters Managing Director at Siemens Congleton

"The Virtual Factory gives us a big-picture view, so we can identify areas to improve efficiency, cut out waste, and prevent problems in the physical world. This has resulted in more innovation, flexibility and productivity."

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Place visualisation on the shop floor to prevent misunderstandings becoming scrap

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