Save and Publish Updates

You can create assets in Visionary Render, where you can add materials, textures, animations, event behaviours and so on to improve the scene. Refer to the Visionary Render documentation for further information.

Please note: Not all of Visionary Render’s data is supported in Virtalis Reach (for example, some texture features, node types and GUI features such as billboard nodes and custom styling).

Once you have finished updating an asset in Visionary Render, save it and return to the Virtalis Reach server hub. Select the Library page and, rather than adding a new asset, update the existing version.

Drag and drop the updated file into the Choose Data page and select the file to upload. If the model is made up of many parts, select the radio button of the main, or header file. 

As the asset may have changed, you need to configure access to the different groups.

Because the data has changed, and if you selected to publish your project when the source data changes when you configured the project, all projects that include this asset will publish new versions of their visualisations.

If you did not select that option, you must publish the updates manually or wait for the scheduled updates to be performed.

Switch to the Job Status page to view the status of the jobs being processed.

Refer to Import Assets and Create a New Project for further information.

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December 16, 2021 18:03

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