Turn your virtual assets into reality.

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A remote, transportable setup to take virtual reality with you on the road.

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A scalable, interactive display for groups to experience visualisations.

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An immersive cave provides 3D visualisations in every direction.

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Our virtual reality business solutions provide immersive spaces for your business to develop, review and experience complex products and processes with anyone, anywhere.

Who are we?
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System & Architecture Design
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Installation & Delivery
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Software & Setup
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Lifetime Support
We work with the world’s leading organisations across five continents to dramatically improve their processes.
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What can a system do for me?

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Siemens was looking to optimise its factory layout and improve productivity. An ActiveWall solution was customised to meet its exact needs, spanning both the wall and floor. This allows the company to see 1:1 virtual models of new products, manufacturing work cells and the entire production environment.

“The Virtual Factory gives us a big-picture view, so we can identify areas to improve efficiency, cut out waste and prevent problems in the physical world. This has resulted in more innovation, flexibility and productivity.”
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£300k savings in assembly line layout planning
12 to 8 weeksdesign cycle reduced
50 to 9 errors reduced in work cell design
24 to 12 months product to market time reduced by 50%


Sharing information and collaborating with partners across the globe is a crucial part of CNH Industrial's operation. ActiveWalls enable virtual design reviews and market research to take place in real time across oceans.

"We’ve moved beyond picture-in-picture views to sharing virtual scenes in real-time and streaming 3D data over the network, so our teams can benefit from collaborative virtual sessions. Watching a VR model being manipulated in real time from the other side of the world certainly gives you the 'wow' factor."
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National Grid has completely transformed training operational field force and recruits in both the UK and USA with ActiveWall and ActiveMove. Creating VR models and simulations allows students to be taught in a safe, consistent environment before going out onto high-pressure sites for more hands-on training.

"VR allows us to be both practical and theoretical. Our trainees can see the whole picture for the first time. They are able to virtually strip down, put back together and operate our equipment in a completely safe environment."
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Schneider Electric credits its ActiveMove systems for helping convert its previous training methodology into a fully immersive experience for all.

“VR is enabling us to do and see things that we can’t in real life. ... I think the interactive experience challenges trainees’ minds, forcing them to ask questions, learn faster, gain experience and receive feedback.”
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"Our development process has been quicker and our designs have been more creative. They include fewer and less complex parts, and cost less."
Dan Gale | Operations Lead | Raytheon
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"The improved communication has streamlined product flow around our factory, helped us manage resources and mitigated manufacturing bottlenecks."
William Lord | Production Manager | Rolls Royce

Where do I start?

Our VR solutions for business can be installed anywhere you want it—land or sea. We'll ensure your business is equipped with the tools and knowledge to get the most out of your data, and fully supported from start to finish.
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Get in touch

We're pioneers of VR solutions for business . We've been providing visualisation solutions for businesses for decades, with hundreds of systems installed across more than 50 countries.

There's no obstacle too big or no use case too niche. Simply let us know what issues you'd like to solve or what processes you'd like to improve. We’ll use our experience to put forward creative ideas that fit you and your budget.

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Demos are provided by our team of experts and can take place at a nearby client’s installation, in our own showroom facility, or over the internet––whichever works best for you and your team.

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System design

Our systems are designed to be scalable and intuitive. Solutions are configured to meet your specific needs based on what you want to visualise, the space you plan to use and the number of users involved.

We are experts in understanding your needs and developing bespoke solutions for any space and any project requirement. Once you're happy with the design, we'll get straight to work.

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Set up


Systems are turnkey and require minimal client involvement throughout the implementation process.

From initial site surveys, conducted in person or remotely, to installation and activation, our team has it covered. Your system will be set up where and when you want it, and ready to use right away.  

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It's more than a system—your investment in Virtalis comes with a lifetime of dedicated support.

We will ensure you have the latest versions of our software and easily accessible technical support for your hardware. Have a question about your system or need additional training or materials? Support is just a phone call away. Let us know how we can help.

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Which system is right for me?

Immersive visualisation is achieved through our broad suite of ActiveWorks solutions. The right system isn't determined by your industry, but what you want to achieve.
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ActiveMove is a fully-transportable, immersive 3D visualisation solution designed to support collaboration on the road, in remote locations or at events. It is available in projection or HMD-based options, enabling users to travel globally while retaining the ability to train, review or experience the most complex engineering scenarios.  

ActiveMove uses all the same components as an installed environment, but is packaged in robust transportable flight cases

Edge Hill University | ActiveMove


Our most popular interactive 3D visualisation system, this scalable powerwall provides an immersive and interactive VR experience to better explore your data and collaborate.

Systems can be single or multi-channel of almost any size, with head, hand and finger movements tracked and replicated in the virtual world. An ActiveWall can be linked to other ActiveWorks systems, so that remotely located participants can work together in real time between rooms, buildings or across continents.

Siemens Congleton | ActiveWall
Edge Hill University | ActiveCube
Edge Hill University | ActiveCube


ActiveCube is a multi-walled, interactive 3D visualisation system providing the ultimate immersive experience. It achieves a high level of immersion thanks to stereoscopic images that wrap the user in a high-resolution virtual environment.

This is further reinforced by the integral tracking, which allows entirely natural, real-time interaction with objects in the virtual world. It provides a similar immersive experience to a head-mounted display, but can operate at a much higher resolution than any HMD available today.


Working with clients across a variety of industries gives us the capability to design unique VR solutions for business that are tailored to your specific needs, regardless of your market area. 

We can customise any of our systems to your specifications. Multiple systems can also be connected at any time, offering flexibility as your company grows. Let us know what you're looking to achieve, and we'll customise a solution to match.

Northampton | CustomVR
let's work together

Interested in a system? Let's find the right solution for you.

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A one-stop shop

We design both VR software and systems for businesses that allow for faster, safer and more cost-effective production than is possible in the physical world.

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Virtalis Support
We aren't satisfied until our clients are. We ensure reliable support throughout so projects are completed within the allocated time and budget, and exceed expectations.

Providing business solutions through visualisations

Reduction in design cycle time
Cost avoidance by identifying missed issues
Saved with virtual prototyping
Reduction in product development costs
*Statistics provided by our clients




Fixed Installation
Fully installed by Virtalis experts.
Packaged in robust flight cases.
All standard installed systems are customisable.
The number of visual surfaces typically ranges from 1-6.
Systems can be used by a single user or multiple users.
Head-mounted Display
Space Required
All systems are customised to fit user needs.
Immersion Level
HMDs provide 360-degree immersion. Cubes provide higher resolution variable immersion.
Audience Size
If more is required, a custom VR solution is utilised.
1 - 6
1 - 20
1 - 6
We can develop systems for most budgets.


Need something different? We offer the unique capability to customise XR solutions. A system can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Your business, our expertise. Our systems are redefining collaboration. Let's chat.