Virtalis Reach

The only enterprise VR collaboration platform  that places visualisation at the heart of your business operation.

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benefits of virtalis reach

Cloud-ready XR platform to create, transform and publish securely to the web for any user context

Secure access via the web

View visualisations securely by simply opening a link to a controlled VR collaboration platform on the web. No need to pre-install any software executable or license key.

User context is key

Create audience specific visualisations with rich levels of detail from multiple sources. Context-specific, reusable templates can be applied automatically, allowing you to repurpose your digital assets.

Embed, extend and collaborate

Our VR collaboration viewer can be embedded in corporate templates or web pages, enhanced via a comprehensive API and allows for collaborative sessions between users.

Leverage your digital assets

Use our VR collaboration software to build on top of our best-in-class MCAD importers and PLM plug-ins with links to any enterprise asset. Use our API to automatically build complex scenes or integrate with your broader IT landscape.

No specialist hardware required

The DARE rendering technology in Virtalis Reach uses resources intelligently, allowing complex, immersive visualisations to be delivered without needing high end CPU or GPU hardware at the server or client side.

Designed with the enterprise in mind

From global distribution, to automated pipelines and templates for visualisation creation, Virtalis Reach is designed to put visualisation at the heart of effective operations.

Virtalis Reach revolutionises the way immersive experiences are created, distributed and consumed.

key feature

Securely available via the web

Collaborate together with your stakeholders, partners and colleagues from any location on any device.

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product features

Elevate your digital assets by bringing visualisation into every conversation

Intelligent rendering makes intelligent use of resources

The Distributed Adaptive Rendering Engine (DARE) technology in Virtalis Reach processes, optimises and renders data throughout the pipeline removing the requirement for high end GPU or CPU equipped machines at either client or server side.

An asset library for the entire extended organisation

A format agnostic, scalable repository from which visualisations can be created to serve the entire extended organisation. Avoid duplication of effort or confusion with regard to what asset is for what purpose. Use templates to automate scene creation and the reuse of assets for different contexts.

Collaboration is a click away

Invite colleagues, partners and customers in collaborative sessions by simply sharing a link. All participants need to join is a (mobile) browser.