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Combine datasets from a range of sources to build a complete picture of the environment

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Developed in collaboration with the British Geological Survey.
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See your data through high-end visualisations

Bring the environment into the office. Create context- and data-rich visualisations at scale to aid decision-making.
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Risk Mitigation
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Cost Reduction
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Planning Efficiency
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Time Saving
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Import & stream huge data

Import from major polygon, CAD modelling or 3D-scanning toolchains. An open API enables integration with any other complementary tool or data set.
Supported file types and importers
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Choose from a wide range of tools to mark up, animate and manipulate your data. Use the gradient editor to create heat maps, add markers to your scene to flag specific points, and include animations like camera movements. Enrich visualisations by connecting to live data feeds from the field.
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Present & explore

Display your data in VR and on desktop. No matter the background of your audience, you can communicate complex and multi-layered scenarios broadly and clearly.
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You're in control
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See your environment, region, country or planet in 3D

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No Code

Create and manipulate a scene without writing a single line of code.

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Visualise & Plan

Combine data sets and allow remote stakeholders to collaborate in the same spatial context.

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Receive real-time updates from environmental monitoring equipment and databases.

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Sync data sets from varying sources and blend multi-resolution terrain to create instant slope and aspect maps.

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Bring together point clouds and combine with other data types, including GIS software and LiDAR.

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Measure the orientation of dip slopes and fractures; change terrain illumination and sun direction to enhance ground features.

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graphic of the British Geological Survey
Developed in collaboration with the British Geological Survey.


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"These techniques are especially valuable in limited access areas, such as jungles. Extra details were added to the virtual GeoVisionary models using laser scanning techniques prior to model simulation analyses. UNITEN and TNB Grid Maintenance then will be able to monitor the site conditions virtually, over time."
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rohayu Che Omar | Director at UNITEN’s Institute of Energy Infrastructure
“In both teaching and research within GeoMining we often struggle to understand and communicate the 3D shapes that are in the ground from 2D drawings.  VR helps us to visualise. ”
Gustav Jansson | Lulea’s Associate Senior Lecturer in Industrialised Construction

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