Sales & engagement

Virtual reality for sales and engagement

Reach a broad audience with credible and accessible insights into your proposals

Two people interacting with 3D projection using motion tracking technology.
Benefits for sales & Engagement

Involve your stakeholders early and get buy-in for your ideas and solutions

Clearly communicate your vision

No matter how complex or how far in the future, whether an ambitious carbon reduction program or an infrastructure of factories, you can bring your audience into your project.

Increase credibility

Let your audience go on a test drive before it's built. Demonstrate project scope with credibility through immersive, interactive visualisations that encourage interaction and discovery.

Consult your stakeholders

Ambitious projects often require that external stakeholders absorb complex information to make informed decisions. With visualisation, detailed and interlinked data can be shared intuitively to non-specialists.

Internal marketing

Share your ideas and concepts with your colleagues and get buy-in for your projects.
Ensure colleagues are comfortable with proposed transformations - this can range from those on the front line to those in the boardroom or even the wider community.

Product configuration for your sales team

Immerse your prospects in your product to showcase options and configurations more naturally. Upsell easier because prospects understand better what they are buying so they explore customisations.

Close deals faster

Shorten the sales cycle: visualisation builds trust in the solution, allowing prospects to commit with confidence.

New projects signed off by your customers
before any physical build

Unlock VR superpowers for your organisation

Gennaro MonacelliHead of Innovation, Simulation and Methods at CNH Industrial

“All new product concepts can be experienced years ahead of their actual market launch. The entire development team review the virtual models of the prototype, bringing customers into the mix, so we can better evaluate product performance.”

Dan Gale Immersive Design Center lead at Raytheon

"Visionary Render mimics the real world, so we have been able to introduce virtual designs not just to our engineers, but also to operators, inspectors, and customers, all of whom will be involved with the products once they’re built."

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