Layout Planning

Virtual reality for layout planning

Reduce waste by interleaving simulation, emulation and human factors into one powerful visualisation

Get the most out of your factory and assets


Fewer reported issues


Reduction in time to
adapt work cells


Faster product
time to market


Reduction in production
line injuries

Benefits for layout planning

Rapidly connect all your virtual assets to plan your new facility or adapt an existing one

Better outcomes

Layout planning requires that simulation, emulation and human factors are interleaved to create the optimum output. Visualisation brings these different dimensions together for effective decision making and communication.

Impact and insight

An immersive walk through, or virtual production run ensures that nothing gets missed. Data can be overlayed on a scene for extra context, the impact of different scenarios can be explicitly illustrated.


Share your ideas and concepts with your colleagues and get buy-in for your projects.
Ensure colleagues are comfortable with proposed transformations - this can range from those on the front line to those in the boardroom or even the wider community.

Extend reach to your supply chain

Involve your customers and suppliers early. Share up to date information with all involved parties through a tightly controlled, but easily accessible platform.

Layout adaptation with less waste

Reuse virtual assets to significantly reduce work cell design and adaptation cycle time.
Evaluate impact and feasibility of proposed modifications.

Plan extremely complex operations

Whether moving a huge subsea structure through a small village with millimetres to spare or joining submarine sections together without rework, visualisation allows you to do the extraordinary.

Unlock VR superpowers for your organisation

Andrew Peters
Managing Director at Siemens Congleton

“The Virtual Factory gives us a big-picture view, so we can identify areas to improve efficiency, cut out waste, and prevent problems in the physical world. This has resulted in more innovation, flexibility and productivity.”

Prof. Dr Marius SwobodaHead of Physical, Computational and Design Sciences at Rolls-Royce

"Our engineers come up with more ideas than they would in 2D because they clearly see the obstacles they face and what needs to be done to overcome them."

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