Visionary Render

The low-code desktop application to create enterprise scale visualisations

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benefits of visionary render

Create visualisations that support and evolve with fast-moving, complex projects

Unrivalled visualisation of very large, complex models

Essential metadata and deep assembly tree structures found within high end CAD solutions are preserved allowing for complex assets and systems to be thoroughly reviewed without loss of performance.

A scene in 3 minutes, a digital twin in 3 days

Complex CAD models can be imported in three minutes, the scene fully detailed and animated, in a contextual environment, in three hours, and a full visual digital twin available within three days.

Reduce cost and risk

Fail early, but virtually, to routinely deliver more ambitious projects with reduced cost and risk. Safely investigate more innovative concepts while involving a broader range of experts.

Rapidly build rich contextual model from any data format

Many structured and unstructured data formats, such as CAD, BIM, point clouds, and IoT and MES outputs can be imported into a scene. This results in rich virtual models of real world scenarios, and provides a platform for contextual digital twins.

Our experts understand your industry

Our intuitive software guarantees you are productive within days. Quickly onboard users via our knowledge base and online training. Our experts are on hand to deliver training and support and help with customisations and bespoke integrations.

Designed with industry in mind

From the intuitive interface to the powerful API, Visionary Render has been designed from the ground up to serve enterprise grade visualisations.

What you see is what you get — projects hold less risk with less room for misunderstanding.

Professor Rab Scott
Head of VR and Simulation at AMRC with Boeing

“We are seeing Visionary Render extended across the product lifecycle where it is updated to become a valuable living asset.”

JB Farge Global XR Solutions Manager at Subsea 7

"Being able to quickly integrate LIDAR Point Clouds with our own 3D models was paramount to the success of this project."

key feature

Nothing lost in translation

Craft the scenes your project needs, no matter what the scale and without compromising on the fine detail.

No limits on what you can include with the broad range of comprehensive and robust MCAD importers and ability to connect to industrial and enterprise data.

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product features

Start building immersive scenes at scale without writing a line of code

Decorate, annotate, measure, animate with the click of a button

Visionary Render allows scenes to be enhanced with advanced textures, lighting and materials and users to interrogate assets with a range of practical tools.  Whatever the intended use, Visionary Render can deliver a valuable and rewarding experience.

Collaboration out of the box

Instantly start a collaboration session in any of your scenes - no upfront design or scripting required. Experience the flexibility and freedom to take the experience where you need to, whenever you need to.

Open API for limitless integration

Go beyond CAD. Automate, extend, enhance and adapt your scenes or data pipeline. Integrate with different data sources and enterprise applications to make sense of complex environments and even take control of real world plants.

Import and connect to content from anywhere

Our software can import data from all major tool-chains in the polygon, CAD modelling and 3D scanning field. An open API allows you to supplement this with integrations to any other tool or dataset you desire.


Support for JT, Parasolid, NX, SolidEdge


Support for a wide range of file formats from Division, Creo, CreoView, ProEngineer

Point clouds

From a range of formats and up to billions of points via our scalable streaming algorithm


Support for CATIA V5-V6 CAT* files and SolidWorks


Support for FBX, 3DS, DXF, RFA, RVT, IPT, IAM

.. and many others

Our extensive suite of importers and translators covers all major MCAD file types