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Our digital twin solutions enable each person in your manufacturing or engineering business to bring their own frame of reference for better collaboration and faster, more inclusive, action.

A screenshot of immersive visualisation software giving the user an alert that an order is likely to be late.
Benefits for contextual digital twin

Create an accessible digital twin to serve up the right information at the right time

Context sensitive

There is great scope to create masses of digital data throughout the life-cycle of a project and across all the different domains involved. The contextual digital twin should only deliver what is needed at a given point, for the target audience to understand and act.

Hardware agnostic

Dedicated facilities and immersive devices will often be the right choice, but not always, even when they’re available. It’s essential that users be able to access the required information with the equipment they have to hand.


Users should reasonably expect to be able to navigate around, and interact with, their contextual digital twin in a responsive and performant manner. This should be the case no matter what device they’re using to do so.

Routinely available

Connectivity has been one of the most significant technical trends of recent times and there is no indication that wireless communication has hit its limit yet. Users expect to be able to routinely access mission critical information wherever they are.


Our digital twin software helps organisations share information widely & securely. This helps to ensure that control over information is maintained even as its reach is extended across, and even beyond, organisational boundaries.

At the heart of effective operations

The manner in which people encode, share and interact with knowledge assets has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Visualisation enables the contextual digital twin and sits at the heart of effective operations.

All data, from any source, routinely and effectively delivered for clear understanding and informed action

Unlock VR superpowers for your organisation

Kendall Loomis
Immersive Design Center Manager at Raytheon

"Through the power of large scale visualization they are able to see opportunities to reduce risk and cost. They ask questions like, ‘Where can I put my torque wrench’, or ‘Is that a clearance issue?’ The visualization empowers folks across all platforms, from supply chain to quality – it focusses the conversation.”

Andrew PetersManaging Director at Siemens Congleton

"Our VR has been a game-changer for us and how we work. It’s no exaggeration to say it has changed the way we think and act. It’s key that the technology is not seen as something for a privileged few. As a result, we now bring VR into every facet of what we do."

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