Virtalis Reach Enables Even Greater Productive Collaboration

Advanced collaboration leads to greater success within organisations. That’s the foundation Virtalis Reach was built on.

The visualisation platform has been designed to support colleagues, partners and suppliers working closely together on complex products from anywhere in the world.

Reach is helping companies accelerate the product development lifecycle and supporting the shift to remote working. Its newest features and enhancements are based directly on customer feedback and aim to make collaborative sessions even more productive and personal.

Additional Modes

New features have been added to support communication between remote participants, including the ability to create and add to comment threads. Dispersed users can easily chat back and forth about a particular section of the visualisation and reference these threads later. This also helps users in different time zones get a clear insight into what has already been discussed.  

For a more insightful collaborative experience, a new ‘view perspective’ feature will take the camera position to the same location and orientation the comment author had when they pressed ‘send’.  

With the addition of version history, users can now view the publication history of the visualisation and, if required, open earlier revisions.

New Features

The latest update introduces an integration with Siemens Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), designed to bring an extremely high degree of control to users to define how different visualisations are published to different projects. A new tool in Reach allows users to automate the publishing of visualisation updates based upon existing Teamcenter paradigms, such as workflows, revision rules and PLM XML export.

With user selection now visible to all, everyone in a collaborative session can see what each participant has selected. The colour of the highlight matches the helmet colour of the person’s avatar. This makes real-time collaborative discussions easier to follow.

Virtalis Reach needs to deal with scenes of vastly different scales. Because of this, a single navigation speed is not appropriate for all cases. This release introduces a configurable navigation speed that users can easily adjust via a slider in the settings panel.

In this release, the Hololens 2 (HL2) has been validated as a basic ‘see-through’ viewer.  

A Closer Look

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Virtalis Reach Enables Even Greater Productive Collaboration

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