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Accelerate the Design Process, Deliver Products Faster with VR

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A critical milestone in the product development process is also the biggest barrier for most companies.  

Design reviews can be time-consuming and expensive, but evaluating prototypes and making iterations before the product is ready to launch is essential.  

The adoption of immersive visualisation for reviewing virtual designs, rather than building physical prototypes, is helping teams accomplish more with a fraction of the resources typically required.  

A Better Perspective

Beyond the time and monetary savings, today’s VR technologies provide an even more detailed and insightful review, leading to better deliverables in less time. Stakeholders anywhere can experience the complete virtual model, regardless of its size or complexity and assess it just like a physical prototype. Unlike other virtual design review technologies which allow users to analyse just the outside, immersive visualisation propels what’s possible. With a full internal view, users can experience the product in its entirety and assess things that are usually impossible to see, like a sealed pressure vessel or the internals of a complex mechanism. The virtual prototype can also be trialed in a precarious environment, like a nuclear power plant or under water.  

Having earlier insight into the prototype’s successes and failures substantially reduces the time and money typically spent redesigning or reworking in the final stages.  

Substantial Savings

Raytheon Technologies, a multinational aerospace and defence company, implemented Visionary Render across several of its design centres to conduct multi-disciplinary reviews. Connecting facilities using immersive software has allowed for more collaboration, and as a result, more effective reviews.

“Our development process has been quicker, and our designs have been more creative,” the company says. “They include fewer and less complex parts and cost less.”

Using Visionary Render, Raytheon collaborated with a supplier on a missile wire harness and subsequently completed the project eight months ahead of schedule and 40% under budget. “In general, we've enabled 25% reduction in risk and cost, equating to a saving of millions of dollars annually.”  

Expedited Production

The design review process is complex no matter the scale of the project. But what was once only possible through costly and time-consuming physical builds is now both achievable and more comprehensive in a virtual environment.  

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