Leverage Digital Collaboration Across Your Enterprise With Virtalis Reach

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The best work is produced when many minds come together, but what if you can’t get everyone under the same roof?

With Virtalis Reach, digital collaboration isn’t just possible, it’s perfected. Easily share high-end visualisations and collaborate in real time with your colleagues, partners and customers, regardless of location—all while knowing your data is safe and secure. Virtalis Reach helps companies from every sector streamline product development from start to finish using extended reality (XR), including layout planning, design reviews, training and education, sales and engagement, and maintenance. And the enterprise visualisation platform is stored on a controlled web platform, which means data can be accessed from anywhere, at any time with a simple link.  

Over the years, we’ve seen XR shift from a specialist application to a more customary one—with people across a range of industries using it in unique ways. We expect to see more of this, and as a result, an increasing use of XR in the workplace as a means for connecting data and people across the physical and digital value chain. Virtalis Reach provides your organisation with many benefits: securely share ideas with your audiences in real time from anywhere, invite them to join and collaborate, streamline communications, and work more productively.  

Virtalis Reach Collaboration Session | Combustion Engine

The cloud-ready XR platform aims to make visualisations effortless, keeping five key features a priority: hardware agnostic, performant, secure, routinely available and context sensitive. We are constantly working to innovate our software and implement the features and tools that make your job easier. Recent additions include a product tree, which provides users a simpler way to navigate and select specific components of their digital model, and the ability to sort and filter through assets in different projects. There are a variety of other new developments in progress, including more advanced templates and the use of point clouds. And we have much more in the pipeline, like expanded design tools and data type support.  

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Leverage Digital Collaboration Across Your Enterprise With Virtalis Reach

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