STFC Case Study

An overview of the range of VR systems installed and supported by Virtalis and the various ways in which these

Virtalis Helps Schneider Achieve the impossible Virtually

Virtalis has provided Schneider Electric with a suite of immersive and interactive Virtual Reality (VR) customer training modules plus an ActiveMove transportable advanced visualisation display system which enables training to be appreciated in full, stereoscopic 3D. 

Government Backs Technology Project

Costain is among a group of organisations that includes De Montfort University, Bluefrog Design, M Wright and Sons, Virtalis and Loxcius that has secured co-funding from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board for a project aimed at improving the Company’s operational performance and service delivery at Severn Trent Water.

Eureka Magazine April 2012

The virtual world is being increasingly exploited for engineering advantage. Justin Cunningham travels to the Virtual Engineering Centre to see how it is being deployed.

VR Incorporated into National Grid Training

National Grid US has bought three ActiveMove immersive display systems from Virtual Reality (VR) specialist, Virtalis, and is developing a library of interactive 3D VR models that will be incorporated into the company’s technical training.

Virtual Reality Systems Go Mobile

VIRTALIS, a UK leader in Virtual Reality (VR) and simulation technologies, has supplied the expertise and equipment that’s enabling the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre’s MANufacturing Technology TRAnsporter (MANTRA) to have the first ever mobile Virtalis StereoWorks ActiveWall system.