GeoVisionary Webinar

How Geoscientists are using VR for Societal Engagement

Dive into this fascinating world with the world's leading experts in this domain. Understand how GeoVisionary has become the global standard for Geoscientists around the globe. Learn how experts from different industries visualize and combine large & live datasets to make smart decisions and discover things they never knew existed.

Demonstrated directly by Bruce Napier, leading expert of world-renowned British Geological Survey (BGS), and John Murray, product manager at Virtalis, on how VR can create ground-breaking insights from complex datasets and how visualisation helps you engage with different target audiences.

The webinar will cover:

  • How Geoscientists using Virtual Reality to drive stakeholder engagement?
  • How is VR enabling the interpretation of Geo related datasets?
  • How is Corona is accelerating the global adoption of GeoVisionary?
  • How to combine the right sets of data to accelerate decision making? 
  • How Traditional Field mapping has moved to digital workflows
  • Case Studies examples showcase ROI
“GeoVisionary saved £35.4m on road maintenance, reducing the cost per square mile from £250 to £14... over 150,000 square miles”

Cranfield University

Your webinar speakers

John Murray
Senior Product Manager

Bruce Napier
3D Visualization Systems Lead
British Geological Survey

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