How to Manage Complex Geological Infrastructure with Virtual Reality?

A GeoVisionary case study about Costs, Safety and Efficiency.

Managing distributed and critical infrastructure is a challenging task that demands up-to-date and relevant information be continually gathered, processed, and analysed by experts from a range of disciplines.  

Uniten manages 30,000 transmission towers on behalf of Tenaga Nasional Berhad across the Malaysian peninsula, across challenging terrain often subject to extreme weather that can directly impact the terrain on which the network sits.

In response to this challenge, Uniten have placed visualisation at the heart of a toolset that allows data from a range of sources to be brought together, viewed and analysed. Together and in context.  

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“We are able to detect changes on the site and predict future changes – both things that would have been virtually impossible without VR technology.”

Prof Dr Rohayu

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What you will learn:

  • Why and how did UNITEN start this VR journey?
  • How GeoVisionary is at the heart of a new and more effective means of managing the electrical distribution network across Malaysia through
    - More complete and robust route planning
    - Managing existing infrastructure across a range of challenging environments, subject to different risks such as land slip and flooding
    - Bringing live data feeds into a virtual 3D environment
  • How this leads to a more efficient, safer and cheaper means of working that is relevant to anyone interested in managing assets that extend across regions and countries
  • How VR is rapidly changing the role of Geoscientists today
  • Extensive Q & A

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Topics covered in this Webinar

  • Agile Supply Chains
  • Engineering complexity
  • Supply chain data management
  • Empowering hybrid workforce
  • XR, ROI case studies
  • Real-time and secure collaboration