Virtalis Demonstrates the Power of VR to Dayton’s Defense Member Community

Virtalis sponsored the 2014 DaytonDefense showcase on 15th January.

Over 200 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) executives, staff and suppliers attended the event.  Virtalis provides Virtual Reality (VR) turnkey systems that support virtual product user training, maintenance training and mission critical simulators.

Foremost among these is Helicopter Crew Reality, a whole crew VR training environment that is used by air forces around the world.  Paul Ewing, Vice President North American Operations at Virtalis, explained: “We enhance the user’s experience by enabling real world communication and collaboration.  Our virtual world simulators allow repeated practice in a safe environment by individuals and teams and they have been proved to lead to greater competency in real world scenarios”.

Three Star Lieutenant General C. D. Moore, Commander of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center was the keynote speaker at DaytonDefense.  He explained how WPAFB manages the 3,000+ acquisitions it makes every year by strengthening partnerships with its suppliers.

The General told the audience that he believes that collaboration between bases and teams is a very high priority and people need to work with a geo-agnostic mind-set before emphasising his commitment to effective communication and relationship building as being vital to the future within the defense sector.

Mr. Robert Carl “Shof” Shofner, a member of the Senior Executive Service, the Program Executive Officer for Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) and Director of the BES Directorate, also spoke at the DaytonDefense Showcase.

The BES portfolio comprises more than 1,800 military, civil service and contractor support personnel located at five bases throughout the United States.

The organization acquires, operates and sustains operational support information technology systems for the Air Force and the Department of Defense.
Mr. Shofner was impressed by Virtalis’ 3D Stereoscopic Virtual Reality technology.  “Shof spent a significant amount of time with us reviewing our capabilities, asking questions and learning about the value Virtalis has to offer the Air Force and Department of Defense” said Paul Ewing.

Virtalis’ US headquarters are located in Kettering OH, just minutes from WPAFB.  The Company’s international, multi-disciplinary development and consultancy team includes specialists in 3D modeling and design, electromechanics, software engineering and human factors.

Virtalis’ defense training systems have been proven to improve the quality of training while generating high financial returns and rapid payback.

Virtalis Demonstrates the Power of VR to Dayton’s Defense Member Community

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