How XR has Revolutionised the Design Engineering Process

30% reduction in design cycle time; 25% reduction in product development costs. Learn how XR makes this possible.

Remember the days when the only way to review product designs was to build physical prototypes? It was expensive, time-consuming and often inefficient.  

Then XR technology came along and transformed what’s possible. Today, design reviews can be carried out from start to finish in a virtual world. The results? Unrivalled.

Join the discussion on the 20th of October at 4 p.m. BST for an in-depth look at XR-powered design reviews. Hear directly from our customers who will share their journeys. We have an exciting line-up of speakers and panelists and a special contribution from Ford Motor Company.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

16:00 BST

17:00 CET

8:00 PT

11:00 ET

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What you will learn:

  • Understand how XR is transforming product design engineering through visualisation
  • Get insights into how Ford, BAE and other organisations increase efficiency, productivity and safety with XR-enabled design reviews
  • Latest insights and trends surrounding XR in accelerating the design process  
  • Detailed case studies: how XR helps deliver projects 45% faster | 40% cost reduction | 30% decrease in product development time  
  • The need to support today’s hybrid and distributed design teams with virtual collaboration through "immersive design reviews"
  • Understand the technology set-up; how does it all come together? PLM, CAD, visualisation, collaboration
  • A world of new possibilities: synchronous engineering, digital twins, and instant web-based collaboration with anyone, anytime on any device
  • Zoom in on the low-hanging fruit and learn the core use cases: factory layout planning, collaborative engineering, digital twin technology  
  • Learn how XR strengthens the bond between end customers and engineering firms by collaborating on a common platform
  • It once took 17 years to build a submarine using costly physical models for design reviews. What has changed over the past two decades?  

How Virtual Reality is Enabling Concurrent Engineering

Do you have stakeholders in other cities or other countries? Most companies do. With XR, anyone anywhere can participate in design reviews without the need to meet in person. This ensures all integral parties are involved, removing typical barriers like time and costs associated with travel.

Improved communication and collaboration means faster decision-making and shortened design cycles. And it’s not just a matter of resource efficiency. Immersive visualisation tools provide more detailed insight into the design than a physical prototype. Designs can be adjusted on the fly and critical issues are identified before construction. Hint: time & cost savings.

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Next Generation Design Reviews - The Why, What and How to Get Started

Time to market & agile product development have become essential to survival; losing 6 months in the engineering process will cost you 33% of the profits in the first 5 years
Ford Motor Company - How XR-powered design reviews support factory layout planning and processing 
Design reviews - Where do they fit into the product development process and why do they matter?
Design Review of Complex Products and Processes (VESTA and National Grid)
Design reviews for complex products - How immersion dramatically reduces development time
Panel Discussion: How will XR drive the next wave of product engineering efficiency?
Panel Discussion
Edge Hill University - Developing future engineering talent

Panel Discussion: How will XR drive the next wave of product engineering efficiency?

The panel will explore how Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality together are helping to shape and revolutionise the product development process. They will zoom in on design reviews and try to align on a common view for the near future.

The panel will evaluate what's possible today and highlight evolving new technologies in the digital engineering process. They will address the need for further acceleration, required for survival of the modern company.

The panel is ready to be challenged and we will host polls to get a pulse on what's happening across the globe.

Don't miss this exciting and memorable part of this meetup!

Come and join industry experts and learn more

Knowledge sharing & learning​

Topics covered in this Webinar

  • Agile Supply Chains
  • Engineering complexity
  • Supply chain data management
  • Empowering hybrid workforce
  • XR, ROI case studies
  • Real-time and secure collaboration
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