Visionary Render 2 allows users to create dynamic, interactive, virtual environments and simulations from their data which can then be streamed to a range of devices, including a Virtalis ActiveWall, all while maintaining vital security and data integrity features.A new era in Engineering has begun now Visionary Render 2 is here.

We believe that Visionary Render 2 has the potential to become THE software for Industry 4.0.  This is because, as well as all the power to work collaboratively on massive models in Virtual Reality in real-time, our new version features a whole host of features which together add up to a powerful tool that enables continuous creation capable of utterly revolutionising the engineering workflow.

Visionary Render has been designed to foster working alone, in small groups, or collaborating with distant colleagues in a common virtual environment.  Its adaptability as a rapid, decision-making platform means that performing detailed design reviews, rehearsing in-depth training tasks, validating maintenance procedures or verifying assembly and manufacturing processes become enterprise wide.

Put simply, Visionary Render enhances working practices and builds on investments already made in digital design assets and people.


“VisRen2 is unique in that it acts as a platform linking both structured and unstructured data.  This means CAD PLM can be brought together with any mix of data from IOT, laser scans, point clouds and more.  “Its rapid loading, real-time rendering and realistic 3D visuals allow it to act as a collaborative VR platform.  Thanks to its mesh network, it can stream to a range of devices, including tablets, all while maintaining vital security and data integrity features.  VisRen2 supports smarter decision-making, whether for a relatively straightforward VR design review or for a full Digital Twin.”

Andrew Connell, Virtalis Group CTO



  • Accelerated collaborative reviews
  • Continuous agile development
  • Early error detection
  • Interactive and immersive capability enhances communication of ideas
  • Rapid time to solution



“We are using Visionary Render 2 for Virtual Prototyping, for training applications, for connecting to the Internet of Things and for streaming real-time data into the Digital Twin, so we are seeing Visionary Render extended across the Product Lifecycle where it is updated to become a valuable living asset.”

Professor Rab Scott, Head of VR and Simulation at AMRC with Boeing

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