Virtalis enables virtual ergonomic analysis with release of new Manikins functionality

The latest release of Virtalis flagship Visionary Render software includes the addition of 1:1 scale manikins.  

This exciting functionality offers users the ability to more readily take human factors considerations into account in design reviews. This helps to ensure the safety of employees whilst simultaneously maximising process and planning efficiency. By carrying out these evaluations virtually and being able to adapt and iterate designs to suit the desired outcomes, the need for changes to be made when a physical build process gets underway is significantly reduced.

Conducting an ergonomic analysis enables attention to be given to three key areas at the early stage of a design process:  

  • Human factors: such as seat size, reach to control, access panels, buttons, interfaces, dimensions, motion
  • Task Design: such as management of order of tasks, ease of use, information overload
  • Machine design: such as mechanical arrangements for access and service

The manikins can be easily positioned into relevant and representative poses using inverse Kinematics (IK) and forward kinematics (FK) in order to answer any questions of reach, fit, and access. Engineers and Human Factors specialists can easily measure the manikin in the scene and refer back to anthropometric data in order to match design specifications.

The built-in functionalities of the manikins offer users the opportunity to:

  • Easily manipulate manikins into relevant and representative poses- manikins respond to manipulation in a naturalistic manner, meaning that poses can be changed rapidly and easily to more fully understand various scenarios.
  • Apply detailed scaling for comprehensive coverage of the population being designed for- set the height and have individual limbs scale accordingly, or adjust individual limb lengths at a given height.  
  • Fully understand access, visibility and reach constraints- immersive design reviews provide an invaluable perspective on human factors issues.
  • Obtain precise measurements for accurate reference back to anthropometric data- the manikin model allows precise point to point measurements. Easily place measurements on the model and refer directly to anthropometric data to configure representative models. Take quick measurements between the manikin and the surrounding environment.  
  • Work within representative ranges of motion for each joint to ensure human limits are respected.

Visionary Render is an enterprise-ready software solution that enables users to import engineering data assets, build bespoke virtual scenes and interact with their models in an immersive visualisation environment. In a virtual scene, colleagues can collaborate either locally or remotely on tasks such as design reviews, layout planning, training, operations, maintenance and more. Through engaging teams at every step of a products lifecycle, more ambitious projects can be delivered with reduced cost and risk.

Read the latest Virtalis blog post on why virtual manikins and immersive design reviews are the perfect fit for ergonomic analysis: 

Virtalis enables virtual ergonomic analysis with release of new Manikins functionality

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