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How the AMRC & NMRC are Using Visionary Render Across the Product Lifecycle

The AMRC & NMRC are using Visionary Render across the product lifecycle

Virtalis has worked in partnership with the AMRC and Nuclear AMRC for some years now. Virtalis has been a sponsor of AMRC since 2006 and is also involved in all AMRC projects involving a simulation.

AMRC is a collaboration between world-leaders in the aerospace supply chain, key government offices and international academic institutions based in an impressive £10 million “Rolls-Royce Factory of the Future” in Sheffield. There the AMRC team develops technology-driven solutions for materials-forming, metal-working, and castings, helping UK manufacturing to remain competitive.

Similarly, Virtalis and The Nuclear AMRC have partnered on various projects since the NAMRC’s inception. The NAMRC was set up to support the nuclear supply chain for the new generation of nuclear reactors.

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