Virtalis Partners with Granite Energy

Virtalis has teamed up with Granite Energy to bring Virtual Reality (VR) technology to the Scottish Oil & Gas sector and to governmental departments with responsibility for infrastructure.

MD of Aberdeen-based market development company, Granite Energy, Paul Paterson, said: “The use of VR technology has great potential for cost cutting across core areas of design, manufacturing, maintenance and operations. Introducing VR to the Oil & Gas sector will provide companies with a real opportunity to enhance safety, improve efficiency and ultimately reduce CAPEX and OPEX spend. Virtalis has a great track record of delivering VR solutions within industries such as Aerospace & Defence, and we feel the Oil & Gas market is ready to embrace the benefits of this innovative technology.”

Virtalis offers a range of hardware solutions as well as their software packages, Visionary Render and GeoVisionary which were especially developed to integrate very large volumes of data from multiple sources. They allow immersive collaboration within data sets, in real-time 3D, enabling improved decision making.

“There’s never been a better time for the Oil & Gas and asset management sectors to discover VR”, explained Andy O’Keeffe, Virtalis’ GeoVisionary product manager. “We’ve proved time and time again in allied sectors that VR saves money in exploration, design of facilities, asset management, maintenance and training.”
“In order to sustain a long-term future in the UK Oil & Gas sector, we see a real need for a significant step-change in operating methods”, said Paterson. “VR technology gives a great opportunity for businesses to achieve greater efficiency across the lifecycle of offshore asset activity.”

Virtalis Partners with Granite Energy

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