Get Ready….Professional VR is About to go Mainstream

A courier leaves a rather large cardboard box for you in reception. As you struggle back up the stairs with it you cancel two meetings and instead grab the nearest pair of scissors.

Will this new bit of office technology revolutionise your department’s dull, predictable and sadly uninformative weekly design reviews?

Once the unwrapping is over, there it is, your shiny new HTC Vive.

It’s all “plug and play” and soon enough you’re up and running, playing the bundled games that come with it. You’re slashing and fighting your way through various conquests and it’s not long before you forget that you’re in the office at all – that is until your boss taps you on the shoulder and asks what we’re going to use it for exactly?

This is a common client situation we’ve been experiencing at Virtalis over the last 12 months. We’ve had lots of clients coming to us wondering if VR really can help them and their businesses.

Alas, they then find that the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift they’ve just bought is just one piece of the equation.

For the VR content to be meaningful, you need VR CAD software that is “plug and play” and offers you the opportunity of connecting with your design data sets. If you want it at a price point that is similar to the shiny new VR headset you’ve just bought, until now there was… nothing.

But in November, we are launching a revolutionary VR platform – VR4CAD. This is going to make VR a true out-of-the-box experience and at a price point that will set a new industry benchmark. Get that VR headset on order and cancel your meeting in November as professional VR is about to go mainstream!

Get Ready….Professional VR is About to go Mainstream

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