Visionary Render _The power of 3

This video explains how in terms of efficiencies, Visionary Render is best summed up by the number 3: – In 3 minutes, you can simply drag and drop your data from an external source – In 3 hours, you can add greater detail to the model and begin to introduce real-time updates – In 3 … Continued

Visionary Render

Visionary Render 2 has the potential to become THE software for Industry 4.0. This is because, as well as all the power to work collaboratively on massive models in Virtual Reality in real-time, our new version features a whole host of features which together add up to a powerful tool that enables continuous creation capable … Continued

AMRC Case Study

The AMRC and Virtalis have informally collaborated on various projects over almost a decade. Much of what the AMRC tries to achieve is to attempt to find simple ways to reduce waste and cost and to speed up processes to give the businesses it works with a competitive advantage.  The AMRC are using Visionary Render … Continued

BAE Systems Samlesbury Case Study

BAE Systems Salmesbury uses Visionary Render and Virtalis VR for collaborative design reviews, bringing stakeholders together at an early stage to analyse and identify potential issues before they arise. Virtalis’ Visionary Render is a powerful decision-making platform, helping to break down professional barriers, allowing people from different disciplines to experience the same model, enabling company-wide … Continued

Virtual Digital Twin for Rail

A rail digital twin was developed using Virtalis Visionary Render by partners at EAMS Group demonstrating the link to IBM Maximo. This video demonstrates linking data from the enterprise asset register to the Virtual Digital Twin. Being able to explore a virtual digital twin not only improves communication & decision making but it enhances learning … Continued

Virtalis VR Collaboration

Being able to collaborate in VR has potentially huge cost and time benefits for organisations. Being able to collaborate with different teams locally and globally enhances communication and understanding. Find out more about Virtalis collaborative VR can help you

ActiveMove CVR

ActiveMove CVR from Virtalis integrates a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) with VR-ready laptop and peripherals within a rugged case to deliver a turnkey VR solution in a box.  

Finger Tracking using ART

  Virtalis has collaborated with German tracking experts, ART, to add Fingertracking to Version 1.2 of its Visionary Render software. ART’s Fingertracking device allows you to track the orientation of the hand and the position of the fingers. It is wireless, works for one as well as for both hands and is available as a … Continued

AMRC & NAMRC Case Study

Virtalis has worked in partnership with the AMRC and NAMRC for some years now, Virtalis has been a sponsor of AMRC since 2006 and is also involved in all AMRC projects involving a simulation element. AMRC is a collaboration between world-leaders in the aerospace supply chain, key government offices and international academic institutions. The AMRC … Continued

VR for Engineering

Virtual Reality is now a valuable tool throughout the product lifecycle. Operations teams can review virtual prototypes to highlight engineering issues earlier, to better understand the human factors implications and to be able to train production line staff to get it right first time. This improves product build quality and reduces errors and levels of … Continued

Rolls Royce Case Study

Tim Williams-Wood (Manufacturing Technology Programme Manager, Virtual Manufacturing at Rolls Royce) talks about how Rolls Royce has incorporated VR and advanced visualisation into key business practices such as engineering design, factory design, product development and maintenance.