VIRTALIS’S Rear-Cabin Virtual Reality Trainer and Helicopter Crew Reality product have been successfully commissioned by Thales Australia for delivery to Australia. This delivery forms a key part of the Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS) that will train the future generations of Australian Navy and Army helicopter pilots at the Joint Helicopter School at HMAS Albatross … Continued


RAYTHEON, a global corporation, is harnessing the collaborative power of Virtalis’ Visionary Render VR software as one solution to virtually collaborate across the entire product lifecycle. The Raytheon Missile System’s Immersive Design Center’s Manager, Kendall Loomis, explained: “Our best results happen when we bring diverse, cross-functional people together in our visualization theater, which can hold … Continued


USING its Siemens TeamCenter PLM system, Rolls-Royce Deutschland has created huge CAD models each with several gigabytes. With the typical aero engine having 20.000 (approx.) components, even down to individual screws, visualising them immersively, with a fluent frame rate, is no easy task. Prof. Dr Marius Swoboda, Head of Physical, Computational and Design Sciences at … Continued


WHEN Civil Engineer, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katharina Klemt-Albert headed up the Institute of Construction Management and Digital Engineering (ICoM) two years ago, she was determined to emphasise the digital engineering element of the Institute’s remit. Having enjoyed a career encompassing different top-management positions at Deutsche Bahn AG and having been additionally a CTO of an international … Continued

The Role Of Digital Twinning In Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is now a core value of the manufacturing industry. It stands for the increased integration of virtual and physical worlds with data seamlessly flowing between the two. People and software alike can monitor and analyse information within a single virtual environment, making predictions, drawing conclusions and making decisions. The entire mentality of Industry … Continued

Visionary Render _The power of 3

This video explains how in terms of efficiencies, Visionary Render is best summed up by the number 3: – In 3 minutes, you can simply drag and drop your data from an external source – In 3 hours, you can add greater detail to the model and begin to introduce real-time updates – In 3 … Continued

Develop3D April 2018

Visionary Render 2 ramps up the possibilities for Industry 4.0-  Click to Read Article

Virtalis Visionary Render 2 -Visualisation for Industry 4.0

BOOTH #K50 in Hall 6 at the Hannover Messe is the venue for the European launch of Visionary Render 2. Representing a technological leap forward, the latest version of Visionary Render, Virtalis’ flagship engineering VR software, delivers the ability to share 3D models across an enterprise thanks to its new cloud-based structure.  It supports dynamic, … Continued

Visionary Render

Visionary Render 2 has the potential to become THE software for Industry 4.0. This is because, as well as all the power to work collaboratively on massive models in Virtual Reality in real-time, our new version features a whole host of features which together add up to a powerful tool that enables continuous creation capable … Continued

AMRC Case Study

The AMRC and Virtalis have informally collaborated on various projects over almost a decade. Much of what the AMRC tries to achieve is to attempt to find simple ways to reduce waste and cost and to speed up processes to give the businesses it works with a competitive advantage.  The AMRC are using Visionary Render … Continued

Virtalis to launch Visionary Render 2 at Hannover Messe

VIRTALIS is poised to unveil Visionary Render 2 in the Digital Factory Hall of the Hannover Messe 2018, which this year runs from 23rd-27th April. Virtalis’ booth is #K50 in Hall 6 and, as the Global Launch of Visionary Render 2, this is the first opportunity for engineers and industrialists to see the power of … Continued