GeoVisionary Brings Irish Environmental and Geological Data Together

Virtalis’ GeoVisionary software is being used by the Tellus Project – an airborne geophysical survey and ground-based soil survey currently in operation in the Irish North Midlands. “Essentially, GeoVisionary brings geology and GIS together in a 3D environment”, Shane Carey, GIS and Data Manager for the Tellus Project, Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI), explained. Surveying … Continued

Geoforensics- Planet Earth 2011

Most people have heard of forensic science, made popular by TV dramas like CSI and Cold Case. But the contribution of organisations like the British GeologicalSurvey (BGS) – better known for responding to natural disasters – remains behind
the scenes.

V1 Magazine February 2011

GeoVisionary, the result of a three year research collaboration between the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Virtalis, is a 3D stereographic software system used for virtual field reconnaissance. Now, following its application in a large number of diverse applications around the world, the development team behind it is planning the next frontier. 

Stereoscopy August 2009

The team behind GeoVisionary is adding functionality and features as sales escalate around the world.

GeoVisionary Helps GSNI Showcase Data

A complete Virtalis StereoWorks ActiveWall display system and Virtual Reality (VR) suite has been installed at the Geological Survey of Northern of Ireland (GSNI) to run GeoVisionary software.

World Coal Feb 2010

Andy O’Keeffe, Virtalis UK, presents a different perspective on mine mapping and planning