Virtalis Reach 2022.4 Release Notes

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Virtalis Reach 2022.4.  The new feature in this release is the ability to cancel in-progress jobs in the Hub.

For instructions on upgrading to 2022.3, please refer to:
Upgrading Virtalis Reach from Version 2022.3.0 to 2022.4.0 | Virtalis Reach Help

What’s new?

Job cancellation gives you a greater degree of control over the Virtalis Reach Hub. Waiting for long translations that were uploaded in error or automatically triggered jobs whose results are expected to be superseded can waste precious time and be frustrating. The new cancellation feature allows authorised users to cancel in-progress jobs which enables waiting tasks to be processed sooner and increases productivity.

In addition to the cancellation button, the mechanism by which completed publishing jobs can be viewed from the job list has been streamlined with the addition of a view button. This replaces the previous behaviour of clicking on the job card.

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