Virtalis Reach 2022.2 Release Notes

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Virtalis Reach 2022.2.  This release has seen us focus on enhancing the experience for those accessing immersive visualisations via standalone head mounted displays.

For instructions on upgrading to 2022.2, please refer to

Upgrading Virtalis Reach from Version 2022.1.0 to 2022.2.0 | Virtalis Reach Help .

What’s new?

We have taken the opportunity this release to focus in on the performance of Virtalis Reach, particularly for those users accessing visualisations via standalone head mounted displays.  

Users of these devices will notice a marked improvement in the visual fidelity delivered by Virtalis Reach while still achieving the high frame rates appropriate for a comfortable immersive visualisation.

These improvements represent a first step toward further enhancements with respect to performance and scaling that will allow organisations to run vast visualisations with huge numbers of concurrent users in collaboration.

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