2020.1 Release Notes

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What's in Visionary Render 2020.1

Thank you for downloading Visionary Render 2020.1. The release sees updates to some underlying components of our importer engine alongside a focus on addressing defects highlighted by users or our own internal testing. Key Changes This release sees Visionary Render implement some necessary updates to our CAD importer engine, ensuring that we’re tracking the latest standards across the board. From a performance perspective, we’ve also made some tweaks which mean that updates to splines with many knots now occur more quickly. Resolved Issues Defects, or bugs, are an unfortunate, but inevitable occurrence in any software product. At Virtalis we work hard to maintain and improve the quality of our code base and resolve as many reported issues as we can, as quickly as we can. The table below covers those issues reported by customers via our Support Portal which have been resolved at 2020.1. On top of the issues listed below, another 34 issues have been identified via our expanding test suite and resolved in this release.

Support Portal ReferenceSummary679All user’s lasers not visible in 3 person collaboration393Transform link updates is very laggy
Enabling and disabling SteamVR (or other tracking) it turns off anti-aliasing
571/636/1125Unable to select all instances of a Mode
494Tab doesn't work in the script editor1770Tracked Manipulator dead zone too large
1391Settings not carried over when changing tracking mode
306Remove link to hand context option

Table 1 Issues resolved at the 2020.1 release

Windows 7 Support

As you may be aware, Microsoft ended their support of Windows 7 (W7) on January 14, 2020. Accordingly, 2020.1 will be the last release which we will routinely support W7. As a rule, we are bound to follow Microsoft’s lead when it comes to support of their legacy operating systems. From 2020.2 onward we will not be testing against W7 and can make no guarantees regarding its performance on this operating system.

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