2022.3 Release Notes

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Visionary Render

Thank you for downloading Visionary Render 2022.3. The focus for this release has been three-fold, first we have implemented a new method to improve scene performance where there are high numbers of small meshes. Second, we have taken on some feedback and put emphasis on issues reported by customers. High priority issues which may have caused crashes with the animation sequencer have been covered, as well as various fixes which will improve customer experience and workflow have been implemented. Third, the importer libraries have been updated and new version support is reflected in a table below.

Key changes

Render performance

In this release we have improved the rendering performance for scenes which contain many thousands of small meshes. Visionary Render is now able to more fully utilise the capability of high-end GPUs without requiring complex CAD data to be simplified. Depending on the nature of your scene and hardware this can more than double the frame rate in some cases, compared to Visionary Render 2022.2.

Snap rotation

There is a new option under navigation settings to enable snap rotate in immersive mode. This comfort setting is a movement style which may reduce motion sickness for sensitive users (Settings>Navigation>Immersive Snap Rotation).

Collaboration connection speed

The data sent and received over the network for users who already have the scene open has been reduced and the connection process is now much faster.

Import / Export library updates

Importer Version Support Added
Acis 2021 1.0
Catia V5 V5_6 R2022
Creo View Creo 9
Creo Creo 9
Drawing 2023
Inventor 2023
JT 10.6
Parasolid 34.1
Revit 2022
Solid Edge 2022
SolidWorks 2022
Exporter Version Support Added
3Ds Max 2023

Resolved issues

Defects, or bugs, are an unfortunate, but inevitable occurrence in any software product. At Virtalis we work hard to maintain and improve the quality of our codebase and resolve as many reported issues as we can, as quickly as we can. We have identified and resolved 18 issues as part of our internal testing for the 2022.3 release. This number includes the 12 customer issues detailed in the below table.

Case Reference Summary
12634 In certain cases occlusion culling could cause strobing with GUI elements, this has now been addressed
12625 Restores the ‘Remove from Group’ option in the context menu
11256 A new option has been added to settings to enable snap rotation
11074 When using snapshots any constraints applied are now correctly captured
9546 Annotations are now visible when occlusion culling is enabled
9448 The setting to turn on/off shadows under Settings>Tracking>Avatar is now respected by the Meta Quest and works as expected
8857 The issue causing the PRS manipulator to get hidden behind objects when occlusion culling is enabled has been fixed
2133 Point clouds now appear correctly behind 3D GUI elements
1929 When dragging and dropping nodes onto the script editor it now differentiates between nodes starting with numbers in their names
1856 Fixed a crash experienced when undoing an action while also dragging tracks in the animation sequencer
1080 The mouse cursor no longer displays incorrect behaviours when adjusting tracks in an animation sequence
Error messages unrelated to importing when using ART are dealt with correctly

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