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Our story

For over 25 years, we have been pioneers in industrial visualisation. Virtalis started out as an ambitious project in the National Advanced Robotic Research Centre based at University of Salford. Fast forward two decades, and Virtalis is backed by European tech growth investment firm Alpina. Our solutions are used by manufacturing and engineering organisations all over the world, delivering clear ROI and competitive advantage.

The people at Virtalis

At Virtalis we work with a great and diverse globally distributed team of nearly 60 people. Some are really deep in the technology and others work directly with our customers to make them successful.

Tom Rosling - Developer

My goal at Virtalis is to make our software as powerful and efficient as possible, allowing datasets of ever-increasing complexity to be visualised.

Working on the DARE (Distributed Adaptive Rendering Engine) technology behind Virtalis Reach, which optimises data in real time to be displayed in a web browser, presents unique challenges to get my teeth into.

John Murray – Product Manager

I’ve been involved with engineering software one way or another since 2000.  The idea that you can capture the performance or essence of a system virtually and so inform its development is no less fascinating to me now.  

VR is already delivering huge value to industrial users and its impact is only going to increase over the next few years.  

Being the product manager for a toolset that’s at the forefront of this trend, working with some incredibly innovative engineers to deliver answers to extremely challenging market demands, is an immensely rewarding experience.

Tim Goodwin – Solutions Consultant

A key part of my role is understanding the problems our clients are trying to solve and how our products can provide a solution that will enhance the business through communication across the stakeholders.

The best part of my role is that it is in constant flux. The software development provides a continual changing environment that has evolved over my 23 years in the industry and keeps pushing me forward.

When I see the benefits in what we do, from reducing costs and timescales that helps reduce carbon footprints to helping search and rescue training that saves lives gives me a great sense of pride in the work we do.


Technology Partners

At Virtalis, we partner with leaders in the VR space from hardware vendors like Barco through to leading manufacturing institutes.