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Edge Hill University’s Virtual Hub

The ActiveCube at Edge Hill University is the first super immersive 3D virtual environment in the UK

See Edge Hill University’s ActiveCube, the UK’s first 4k 3D virtual environment as part of its new £13m Technology Hub. The four-screen CAVE (Computer Augmented Virtual Environment) installed by Virtalis offers students and businesses the chance to fully immerse themselves in a virtual room.

Using Visionary Render and real complex data to replicate reality, students will be able to experience real-life scenarios in 4k resolution, anything from, engineering, design, training to complex surgery and lab reactions providing the essentials tools to use in real-life scenarios as well knowledge and experience to use in the top leading organisations.

Speaking to Roger Perrin, IT Technician at Edge Hill University, “The ActiveCube is used on a daily basis, from students to lecturers and even budding entrepreneurs, that tap into the skills and knowledge of the University and local industry in ‘The Hatchery’, a working space for new business ideas”.

Watch the Edge Hill University’s ActiveCube in action

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