Visualisation is becoming mainstream

On-Demand Webinar | Presented by Joni Vicent at the XR Immersive Virtual Event May 2020

Learn how XR will soon become mainstream.

  • Understand how Virtual Reality applies to the unique challenges your company is trying to solve
  • Prove the value of VR by demonstrating significant & fast ROI
  • Not just getting the business buy-in, but really boosting the adoption of VR solutions
  • And finally, what it means to integrate and scale VR across the enterprise and extending to your supply chains as well as your customers

16:00 BST

17:00 CET

8:00 PT

11:00 ET

Speakers & Panelists

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What you will learn:


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Topics covered in this Webinar

  • Agile Supply Chains
  • Engineering complexity
  • Supply chain data management
  • Empowering hybrid workforce
  • XR, ROI case studies
  • Real-time and secure collaboration