Extended reality, or XR, is an umbrella term for VR (virtual reality), AR ( augmented reality), and MR (mixed reality). XR technology is transforming and accelerating the Industrial.

Enterprise in many ways.
Join us and understand how your enterprise can maximise the value of XR.
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Key Sessions

Start 16:00 UK Time
XR: trends for the Industrial Enterprise
Key trends & drivers | 5 years outlook
XR: helping shipyards achieve real goals
Shipbuilding trends | Use Cases | ROI
XR: strategic capability for the Industrial Enterprise
Shipbuilding ROI – what are the use-cases
How collaborative XR is accelerating enterprises & supply chains
John Murray

Panel Discussion & Industry Poll

Start 17:30 UK Time
The panel will explore how Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality are helping to shape and revolutionize the Shipbuilding and Maritime Industry.  

The team will address the current state of XR and leap into the future.
Where do long-term industry trends meet with how technology is progressing?  

The panel is ready to be challenged, and will host polls to get a pulse on what's happening in this industry!  Don't miss this exciting and memorable part of this Meetup!  
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Take part in industry polls
Challenge the panelist with live questions