Easy to Use, Plug-and-Play VR with direct CAD file readers.

VR4CAD is entry-level VR software designed to make it quick and easy for CAD engineers and designers to view, investigate and annotate their CAD models using PC-based HMDs or 3D screens.

VR4CAD is a low-cost VR viewer based upon the industry-leading Visionary Render software from Virtalis. VR4CAD directly reads the 3D CAD file to quickly import and build a VR scene for viewing in low-cost PC-based HMDs such as the Oculus Rift™ or HTC Vive™ or on a zSpace™ or other 3D screen.

Unlike games engines that require considerable know-how to make a VR experience, VR4CAD adopts a plug-and-play approach, instantly recognising which VR viewing device you have installed and presenting you with a start window that directly reads the 3D CAD file.

Like its high-end sibling, Visionary Render, VR4CAD speedily transforms CAD models into full 3D VR ready to go. Users can save viewpoints, annotations and snapshots, and VR4CAD boasts ambient occlusion and shadowing.

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VR4CAD supports an impressive list of CAD packages and formats, including:

  • CreoView
  • Solidworks
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • FBX
  • Collada
  • Unigraphics NX
  • CATIA V5
  • Open JT
  • STEP format

Key Benefits of VR4CAD

  • Plug-and-Play viewing device support
  • Directly reads 3D CAD files
  • Wide range of CAD formats supported
  • View, Move, Annotate and Slice objects
  • Save scene data for rapid re-importing
  • Cost-effective licencing
  • Editable materials library

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There are a just a few hardware items you’re going to need in order to get the most from VR4CAD-Please also refer to our FAQ for more details:

Display Device

You need one of the following:

HTC Vive™ or Oculus Rift™ Head Mounted Display, zSpace™ immersive desktop display or a suitable 3D capable monitor/TV


Typically, one of the workstations that is used to run your 3D CAD software should be suitable to support VR4CAD. Ideally it should have at least 8GB Ram, 1GB Disk space and 4 processor cores such as the Intel Xeon / Core i5 / or Core i7). For driving your VR headset you’re going to need a NVIDIA QUADRO card either the M or K series with minimum 1GB graphics memory.

It’s also possible to use VR4CAD with a suitable laptop and for this we would recommend a Lenovo ThinkPad P70 with M4000M NVIDIA graphics card and at least 8GB Memory.


We recognise that not everyone is going to have the hardware items necessary or want to procure them individually and with this in mind we have packaged together our own Compact VR solution – ACTIVEMOVE CVR.

CVR is a true out of the box solution which includes a Lenovo ThinkPad P70, HTC Vive™, customised peli case with laser cut foam and a quick start guide. We can deliver this solution with VR4CAD already pre-installed so you will be up and running in a few minutes. Please contact us for further information on product pricing for this complete VR solution.

To contact us about this solution email us.

“With the rise of low-cost, consumer HMDs like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, plus desktop VR devices like zSpace, VR is finally moving to everyday use in CAD Engineers’ personal workspace – something Virtalis predicted over a decade ago.”

David Cockburn-Price, Virtalis MD

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