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VR wall facilitates interactive learning to enhance deeper understanding for students


An ActiveWall for use across various courses, including Engineering, Construction, Science and History.

Stamford College, part of Inspire Education Group, offers education and training to over 2,000 students a year. Its courses range from A-levels to apprenticeships, to higher education, professional training for businesses, to T-levels. With a vision to be the leader in education and training in the region, Stamford College combines the knowledge of its staff with industry-standard facilities. To that end, with funding from the Department for Education for the Greater Lincolnshire Area, the college installed a Virtalis ActiveWall with Visionary Render software, a solution that is used by the world’s leading organisations.

How Stamford College uses its ActiveWall

  • Engineering and Construction students can design and assemble complex builds without associated time, costs, and physical limitations
  • Students studying Sciences can practise intricate scientific procedures
  • History students can explore ancient ruins or virtual recreations of events with virtual field trips
A group of four people are interacting with a virtual reality powerwall. The main user wears 3D glasses that are tracked, along with a controller that is tracked. The content on the wall will move as the main user moves too.
Staff using the ActiveWall

Improving engagement and retention for students

The ActiveWall is a rear-projected system with stereo 3D and head-tracking to create a seamless immersive experience for students at Stamford College as well as from the wider Inspire Education Group. Thanks to a wide range of data importers, all kinds of content can be shown and interacted with on the wall. Whatever the content, students get a more hands-on, interactive experience compared to traditional learning formats.  

Compared to other hardware like VR headsets, the ActiveWall shares the experience with the whole class – rather than interacting via virtual avatars, students can interact face-to-face and communicate with their peers with no physical barriers.  

The students can also get to grips with tools used in the real world, particularly those studying Engineering, with Virtalis solutions a staple for organisations such as Siemens, Ford Motor Company, Aston Martin, BAE Systems, and many more. Stamford College is equipping its students with the skills that they’ll need in their future work lives.

“The Virtalis wall provides learners across multiple curriculum areas with a unique opportunity to visualise and understand complex concepts in a way that is not possible with traditional learning methods. The immersive environment created by the wall allows learners to interact with virtual objects and simulations in a way that is both engaging and informative.”

Gary Lewis, Digital Learning Technology and Air & Defence College Coordinator, Stamford College

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