Virtalis Gives ESRI Malaysia Sneak Peek of GeoVisionary 3

The Putrajaya International Convention Centre is playing host to ESRI Malaysia 2015 on 20th and 21st October and will be the first event that will enable the GIS world to have a sneak peek of Virtalis’ soon to be released GeoVisionary 3 software.

In a fundamental shift of emphasis, numerous analytical features have been added to the latest version release of Virtalis’ GeoVisionary 3 (GV3).

Virtalis will be on booths 6 and 7 with The British Geological Survey (BGS), its Malaysian partner, Integrasi Erat, and its reseller, Alami, with the team taking platinum sponsorship of ESRI Malaysia. Virtalis, will, as usual, be showcasing fantastic 3D demos via its Virtual Reality ActiveMove system. The team will show how GV3 can handle a wide range of data sources, including:

• 3D CAD models of buildings and other assets
• The 2-way GV-to-ArcGIS Link which helps geoscientists transfer and visualise data efficiently
• GV3 fly throughs of multi-billion point clouds and laser scans in real-time

GeoVisionary Product Manager, Andy O’Keeffe, explained: “GeoVisionary 3 is a massive leap forward. Whereas, previously, GIS professionals would visualise data sets in 3D in the software, they stuttered when the data sets got too large so they needed other packages to carry out analytic functions. Now, the analysis in GV3 is carried out in parallel with the visualisation and the top mining companies and geologists who have been beta testing it for us say they are blown away by its functionality, appearance and ease-of-use.”

Julian Trick of BGS is presenting a paper entitled: “Three-dimensional visualisation and interpretation of large and complex, multi-source datasets”. This presentation will introduce the Virtual Field Reconnaissance project out of which the GeoVisionary system was borne with a live demonstration of how the BGS benefits from 3D visualisation of national scale datasets.

Virtalis Gives ESRI Malaysia Sneak Peek of GeoVisionary 3

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