Lighting Shadows

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The shadows created by the lights in your scene may cause a reduced frame rate. If you find that the shadows of your lights are causing your scene to have a poor frame rate here are a few things that you can try to reduce their impact:

  • Disable Cascaded Shadows. If your lights have Cascaded Shadows enabled then all shadows created by that light are drawn 4 times per frame.
  • Reduce the Shadow Map Size. Lowering the quality of the shadow map can help improve performance, if you find that highly detailed shadows do not add much value to the scene then you can reduce this value
  • Lock the shadow map. If all parts in your scene are static then you may want to enable Lock Shadow Map, this will mean that the shadow map will not be redrawn every frame

If you are just looking for quick results and do not want to spend a lot of time toggling and changing values of the properties above then disabling Cast Shadows on your lights may also increase the frame rate of your scene

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