Installing the License Server

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Firstly, on the server what you will need is to install the latest version of the License Server which can be found on the Software Portal. If you do not have access to the software portal please contact You will find the files you need in the License Tools.

Once installed you can ensure this is running on the server by going to Task Manager and looking for Virtalis License Server.

On the client you will then open the Admin panel and ensure that you are able to connect. You will do this by using the servers IP address and setting the port to 48488.

To import a license, access the license server manager by navigating to http://server-ip:5757/ and logging in with admin/virtalis, you will know you're in the right place as it will say License Server at the top of the page. From here, you'll be able to import your licenses.

As long as the client can ping and see the server, there should be no further issues. As this is a new version of the license server a new exception may need to be added to the firewall.

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