Importer Plugins Formats and Features

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Information for each importer plugin and file type can be found in the table below.  

Importer Company Extension
Autodesk3DSlmporter Autodesk 3ds
AutocadDXFImporter Autodesk dxf
Colladalmporter Khronos Group dae
ObjectImporter Wavefront Technologies obj
Filmboxlmporter Autodesk fbx
Asclmporter Esri asc
Divisionlmporter PTC vdi, bgf, bmf
OpenJTImporter Siemens PLM Software jt
CreoViewImporter PTC pvz, pvs, ed, ol
DesignImporter Bentley Systems MicroStation dgn
DrawingImporter Autocad dwg
RevitImporter Autodesk rfa, rvt
AcisImporter Spatial Corporation sat, sab
InventorImporter Autodesk ipt, iam
CatiaV5Importer Dassault Systèmes CARDrawing, CATPart, CATProduct, CATShape, cgr
CatiaV6Importer Dassault Systèmes 3dxml
SolidWorksImporter Dassault Systèmes sldasm, sldprt
IFCImporter BuildingSMART ifc
IgesImporter igs, iges
Pdf3DImporter Adobe pdf
CreoImporter PTC asm, neu, prt, xas, xpr
IdeasImporter SDRC mf1, arc, unv, pkg
JtImporter Siemens PLM Software jt
ParasolidImporter Siemens PLM Software x_b, x_t, xmt, xmt_txt
UnigraphicsImporter Siemens PLM Software prt
SolidEdgeImporter Siemens PLM Software asm, par, pwd, psm
StepImporter stp. step. stpz, STPX, STPXZ
StereoLithographyImporter 3D Systems stl
Universal3DImporter ECMA u3d
VrmlImporter wrl, vrml

Importer Features

  • Analytical (BREP): The complete topological and geometric definition of the model is read from the importer. The data are represented as different nodes under the visionary render model node. It only has an informative role in the scene and is not affecting the visualisation of the data or the resolution of the scene.
  • Textures (Tex): Material textures support
  • Sequences (Seq): Keyframed animation sequences stored in the file
  • PMI: Product Manufacturing Information semantics or visual form
  • Simplified Representations(Views): Importer supports simplified representations import through the support of the Views. Each view includes visibility rules for nodes in the scene along with a camera location to set the view point for the view.

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