Error starting XR device

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If chrome displays 'Error starting XR Device' you will need to press the Windows key and type RegEdit and open the Registry Editor. From here expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then expand SOFTWARE. Under software seach for Khronos, expand this, below should be OpenXR, expand this, below should be a folder named 1. Any folders below the one named 1 should be deleted.

Next in 1 folder you should see a registry named ActiveRuntime. Double click this to edit it and replace it with the one of the following, select the one that is relevant to the headset you'll be using

(drive):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\steamxr_win64.json


C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\oculus_openxr_64.json

If using a wired Oculus device you are able to also set this via Oculus Home by going in to settings, then the General tab and clicking the 'Set Oculus as active' on the OpenXR Runtime setting.

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