Custom Installation

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To run a custom install you will have to use the Command Prompt.

The first line that uses the command "cd Downloads" directs the prompt to the folder that the installer is currently in, you will need to change this to match where it is kept on your PC.

The second line starts off by using the installer name, if your installer name is the same as the one in the screenshot you should be able to copy it directly. the /S is what dictates that this is a silent install and the DIR command lets you dictate a custom install directory, you can leave this out if you want to install it in the default location.

Unfortunately this does not allow for it being installed for all users, it will only do a single user install.

Command Reference:
"/S" - Silent installation.

"/NS" - Prevents any shortcuts being made.

"/NA" - Prevents file associations being overwritten (the installed version of Visionary Render won't be automatically used to open VRNative files).

"/DIR="C:/custom_dir"" - Defines a custom installation path.

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