Creating a Simple Animation

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To create an animation, first you have to pick an assembly to animate. Right-click the assembly and go to Create >> Sequence.  

Once you do this a sequence will be attached to the assembly, and the Animation Sequencer window will open up. In order to create an animation the user has to create a series of keyframes that when played together create the animation. Once you have done this go into the Animation Sequencer window and click the clapperboard icon to take a key frame. To record a key frame click the Record icon in the Animation Sequencer window

Once you have done this a keyframe will have been created on the animation line. Move and rotate the assembly again and take additional keyframes. When the capture setting is set to manual the animation scrubber will move along the animation line to the next second.

When you are happy with your animation, click the play button to see you animation start. 

 And, that's all you need in order to create an animation.

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