Checking your models

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If your scene is performing badly it may be beneficial to look into how your models are effecting the scene. By going to the Browser tab, filtering by models and setting the view to List you can sort the models in your scene by IPrims.

Searching by IPrims will let you judge weather the total instances of a model are causing an excessive amount of primitives to be drawn. If you think that too many primitives have been drawn by the instances of the model there are some things that you can try to reduce this value:

  • Try re-importing the part/ model after changing the importer settings to reduce the quality of the import by specifying the tessellation drop down or change the chord height. Note that different importers may have different settings that you will need to change due to the nature of each file format.
  • Optimise the model in the models properties under the Geometry Operators

If you find that the scene is taking too long to load or that the file size is unusually large for the content of the scene you may also want to delete any unused assets. This can be done by going to the Browser tab, filtering by models and clicking the Delete Unused Assets option

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