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A multi-walled, immersive, interactive 3D visualisation system


We at Virtalis know that visualisation and its significant benefits are the keys to smarter and more informed decisions.

Virtalis enables continuous agile development, with its facilitation of a common visual language. Collaboration within this virtual environment allows for continuous agile development. That’s why we developed ActiveCube, a multi-walled, immersive, interactive 3D visualisation system, designed to transform design, manufacture and development

An interactive 3D visualisation system

ActiveCube is considered by many to be the ultimate interactive 3D visualisation system. Thanks to the stereoscopic images that surround the user, ActiveCube is able to achieve a high level of immersion. The experience is further reinforced by the integral tracking, which allows natural, real-time, human-scale interaction with objects in the virtual world.

ActiveCube environments allow for stronger insight and appreciation of information and data at a natural human scale, enhancing understanding and stimulating communication.

In recent years, Virtalis has designed and installed more multi-sided ActiveCube VR systems than any other company. As a result, ActiveCube VR systems remain popular with academics and with industrial users where the technology transforms research programmes, design reviews and teaching/training exercises.

ActiveCube draws on advanced stereo technology, featuring custom screens and mounting-structure specialist computers, as well as Virtalis custom software and powerful projectors.

Movements within the ActiveCube environment are tracked using a highly sensitive tracking system, which alters the perspective of the visuals according to the user’s position and orientation. Using the handheld controller allows the user to navigate through the virtual world, making informed decisions rapidly and easily thanks to the technology’s capacity for real-time manipulation of component parts.

ActiveCube uses high brightness, high frame rate, active stereoscopic 3D projectors across multi-sided structures, all powered by Virtalis PC clustering technology to give the optimal resolution for your application. Systems can run a diverse range of software packages and come with ActiveWorks 3D eyewear, head and hand tracking, installation and support. Additionally, an ActiveCube can be linked to other ActiveWorks systems so that remotely located participants can interact together simultaneously in the virtual scene.



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